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4 Lutherstrasse
8004 Zürich

+41 76 500 96 46

Karen Ariane Salwa bietet in ihrer Gemeinschaftspraxis am Stauffacher in Zürich Rolfing / Strukturelle Integration an. Sie ist Certfied Advanced Rolfer und Präsidentin der Swiss Association Rolfing & Structural Integration.


Easing scars


Scar tissue treatment

«To ease and gently re-integrate scars into the bodys fascial network is the goal of scar work discovered by Sharon Wheeler.»


Scars as traces

Scars are traces on and inside our bodies. They mostly stay with us for life, reminding us of accidents, surgeries, losses and wounds. Scars may pose cosmetic and psychological problems. They can also impair us at a functional level, leading to restrictions in movement and mobility, discomfort and pain.

Scars as constraints

We are oftentimes not aware that structural restrictions perceived in our bodies are caused by scars. Even a small, inconspicuous scar left by a minimally invasive procedure can seriously affect us at a structural level.

Integrating Scars

Through Structural Integration, scars can be gently re-integrated into body tissues, alleviating tensions and discomfort. As a rule, the scar tissue responds immediately to treatment and the condition of the scar improves within a short period of time. This process is ongoing and allows for lasting improvement. Read more here.