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4 Lutherstrasse
8004 Zürich

+41 76 500 96 46

Karen Ariane Salwa bietet in ihrer Gemeinschaftspraxis am Stauffacher in Zürich Rolfing / Strukturelle Integration an. Sie ist Certfied Advanced Rolfer und Präsidentin der Swiss Association Rolfing & Structural Integration.


Dr. Ulrike Stednitz

CEO & Founder of stedtnitz. design your life GmbH

Rolfing with Karen has already proven highly effective. Within a short period of time and with great ease, she has gently led me toward a wholly novel way of being alive within my body. Long-standing back pains simply disappeared for good. Karen works in a wonderful, highly sensitive and knowledgeable manner!

Daniela Bretscher


Following a Vespa accident and a lengthy time on crutches, I felt pain in my back, shoulders and legs. In Karen Ariane Salwa, I found a wise and knowledgeable Rolfing practitioner, whose approach is intuitive, gentle and purposeful. She has accompanied my healing process with great empathy and dedication.

Stefanella Bottoni


Before coming to see Karen at Rolfing Structural Integration, I was in constant pain and suffering from fatigue. I never had a clear diagnoses but orthopedics thought I had cervical issues due to a start of degeneration of the soft tissue between the vertebrae and some other doctors were talking about myofascial pain syndrome. I had tried cortisone infiltration, physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture all at no avail. 

Since coming to see Karen on a regular basis I started to feel much better and no longer needed to take medication for pain management. I started to have more energy due to better sleep and I could feel my body responding to the Rolfing.

Karen is a warm good-hearted person and she is always encouraging and motivating. The atmosphere in her studio is very relaxing and I felt totally at ease since the first visit.

What a blessing to have found her!!

Annemarie Bürgi

Iyengar Yoga Teacher

I was amazed by how similar asana practice and Rolfing are in their goal to integrate body and mind structurally.

I experienced the work of structurally integrating the body with Karen as way of preparing for spiritual integration of the person as a whole.

Starting to see Karen because of lower back pain I found in her an experienced and thoughtful practicioner.