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4 Lutherstrasse
8004 Zürich

+41 76 500 96 46

Karen Ariane Salwa bietet in ihrer Gemeinschaftspraxis am Stauffacher in Zürich Rolfing / Strukturelle Integration an. Sie ist Certfied Advanced Rolfer und Präsidentin der Swiss Association Rolfing & Structural Integration.

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Call me (+41 76 500 96 46) or write an e-mail ( for a first appointment.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice to avoid being charged and so we can offer your time slot to someone else. Thank you for your understanding


The first session lasts around 90-100 minutes and includes an extensive admission consultation. All further sessions last 70-75 minutes. As a rule, it is recommended to schedule a treatment series of 10–12 sessions held at 1–3 week intervals. The effective number of sessions will of course be adjusted to your individual needs. Over the course of treatment, we will regularly and jointly assess progress achieved and adjustments required. 


Each session begins with a brief discussion of progress to date. The treatment is carried out on the treatment table and moving around the room. You are wearing comfortable underwear. For movement work you have comfortable pants and top with you. Over the course of our sessions, I work with the body’s various fascial layers. You assist the process with fine movements and guided body perceptions. After treatment, you may resume your daily activities. Sessions are invoiced on a monthly basis via the specialised cooperative accounting centre «Ärztekasse».


I am recognised by EMR, EGK and Visana. Please contact your supplementary insurance provider for complementary medicine to confirm their treatment cost coverage. As a rule, the coverage rate is roughly 60-90%.

For your insurance provider: ZSR Nr. O 4455.62