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4 Lutherstrasse
8004 Zürich

+41 76 500 96 46

Karen Ariane Salwa bietet in ihrer Gemeinschaftspraxis am Stauffacher in Zürich Rolfing / Strukturelle Integration an. Sie ist Certfied Advanced Rolfer und Präsidentin der Swiss Association Rolfing & Structural Integration.


When can Rolfing® help?


«With her magic hands, Karen corrects mal positions, gradually eliminates pain and restores flexibility to the fascia»

— Maja Lüdi, patient


Rolfing in addition to school medicine

Most people choose Rolfing® as an addition or alternative to mainstream medicine their therapy because they want to cure symptoms and pain, are looking for relaxation and well-being, wish for personal growth and transformation. Rolfing® can help with back pain, arthralgia, RSI, neck and shoulder pain and chronic tension.

after accident or surgery with scars

After accidents or surgery Rolfing® can be very supportive. Resulting scar tissue can be relaxed and smoothened.

appeal at different levels

At the same time, our body can use symptoms to express our psychological, emotional and spiritual state. Rolfing® has the ability to address these as well. Together with you I want to investigate the best way of addressing your current issues.