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4 Lutherstrasse
8004 Zürich

+41 76 500 96 46

Karen Ariane Salwa bietet in ihrer Gemeinschaftspraxis am Stauffacher in Zürich Rolfing / Strukturelle Integration an. Sie ist Certfied Advanced Rolfer und Präsidentin der Swiss Association Rolfing & Structural Integration.


What is Rolfing®?


«We bring the body, in all its aspects, from the extreme toward the center – the physical body, the psychological body, the energy body.»

— Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979)


erecting through fascine work

Rolfing® was developed in the USA in the 1950′s by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. The work’s goal is to have our fascia regain their original elasticity, flexibility and above all their functionality. This way our body will straighten up and move effortlessly in gravity again. All our organs, bones and muscles are wrapped by different kinds of fascia. Continuing malpositions and dysfunctional movement habits, stress and acute trauma like accidents can cause deformation of the fascia. Consequences can be tensions, pain and indisposition.

well-being in your own body

Working specifically with the fascia in mind dissolves these tensions. Education in body awareness and adequate movement sequences in the context of Rolf Movement® Integration will allow you to again feel at home in your own body. Inner balance, calm and elasticity let us relate to the outer world in a relaxed way. Psyche and soma feel energized and in flow.

with continuity to success

Rolfing® is organized in series of 10–15 sessions of 60–75 minutes length. This continuity allows for a thorough reorganization of the body. The sessions comprise structural bodywork as well as movement education. To go through a whole series is only one possibility of enjoying the benefits of the work and it has proven to be very effective. During a personal consultation we will for sure find the best solution for your concerns.